We have a long history handling catastrophic injury claims, including medical malpractice. However, for the past decade, we’ve built our practice and developed a focus on claims of legal malpractice and commercial disputes. We moderate the number of cases we handle to ensure that that our resources are adequate to cover every matter we undertake. We joint-venture more complicated matters with other small firms to bring the right level of experience and sophistication to every case. Mr. Haines personally oversees every case and tries every case with the support of his team of lawyers and support professionals. 


We handle disputes between businesses over contract interpretation, the purchase and sale of a business, and construction claims. When we hand these matters, we cut through volumes of complicated, technical documents to put together a clear and convincing argument that a jury of lay people can easily understand. We pride ourselves on the ability to take the complicated and make it simple and straightforward. That is the pathway to our clients' successes. 


The negligence of a lawyer representing you can be demoralizing. It is often hard to find a lawyer who will sue another member of the bar. We have sued some of the largest law firms in the country. We know the law and have access to experts who can support your claim and help you right the wrong that can occur when a lawyer negligently represents a client. We bring a level of dignity and respect to the process, both in assisting our client, who has been harmed and in the way we treat our opponents. 


Cliff Haines honed his courtroom skills in trials involving lawsuits against doctors and health care professionals. These experiences bred the confidence in this ability to both master the medicine and confront doctors and medical experts on the witness stand. 


We take on claims on behalf of those who have been wrongfully separated from their employment whether by discrimination, or by unexpected demotion, or constructive discharge. If you believe your employer has made a decision to demote or terminate you in a way that violates the law, or your employment contract, we may be able to assist you in being compensated or reinstated as a result of your employer's actions. 


All injuries are disruptive to the person who has been harmed. Sometimes the injury results in a permanent impairment. When a debilitating injury significantly permanently impacts your well-being, ability to work, or financial stability, the injury is considered catastrophic. The ability to recognize the full extent of the harm and to marshal the appropriate evidence to prove the significance of the harm flows from knowing what is necessary to prove a case to a jury. We have the experience to represent you whether your harm was suffered in a plane crash, as a result of a birth injury, or if you find yourself as a wheelchair-bound adult. We have the compassion and knowledge to represent the estate of a loved one who has lost his or her life as a result of injuries caused by another person. We can help you determine if there is a legal claim to make when you have suffered loss as a result of a catastrophic injury. 


"He who steals my purse steals trash; he who steals my name..." The integrity of who we is just as valued as it was in Shakespeare's day. Social media has allowed people to say incredible things about others in a very public way, which can be false, misleading and devastating to reputation. The law in this area is growing and struggling to keep up with the newer ways in which people can be actionably maligned. We have sued book authors, publishers, newspapers, and individuals who have crossed the lines of free speech and have harmed our clients in doing so.