About Us



Our over-arching goal is to achieve justice for our clients. Sometimes that means pushing the envelope of the law. We never forego our ethical obligations and the notion of fair play, but we are not afraid to challenge institutions and powerful people, or to challenge laws we reasonably believe to be unfair or unjust.



We take case to trial. Few cases are tried today. Statistics suggest that less than 3% of all lawsuits filed actually go to trial. One significant reason is the lack of skill and experience among lawyers to practice the craft of trial advocacy. What happens in a courtroom can be hard to control and the searching eye of a jury can be intimidating. Not having the ability or confidence to take a dispute to trial, if necessary, is like a prize fighter without the ability to throw a knock-out punch. Our ability and confidence to take a case "all the way" and our reputation for our no-fear approach to trial positions us well to achieve the best outcome for our clients, regardless of whether the case actually goes to trial. We pride ourselves on the willpower to win, our ability to present a clear case and our reputation as skilled trial lawyers and litigators. We leverage our talents for the benefit of our clients from the moment we file a case until the matter reaches final resolution. 



Cliff Haines has appeared in courtrooms across Pennsylvania. He's appeared on behalf of clients on a pro hac vice basis in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Texas and Oklahoma. For over forty years, Haines has tried high-stakes cases involving claims of legal and medical malpractice, catastrophic injury, defamation and business disputes in state and federal courts. Mr. Haines is supported by an able team of up-and-coming young trial lawyers, and exceptional legal writers, who scrupulously craft arguments to produce results for our clients. Mr. Haines and his team have recovered millions of dollars for clients at trial and at the settlement table. We have saved clients who have been sued from having to pay big money damages at trial and settlement. Whether you have a claim to bring, or have been sued, we have the experience and drive to achieve your litigation goals. 




We handle a limited number of cases to ensure that each client's matter has our full attention. We are not constrained by the institutional structure or bureaucracy of large law firms. Our practice is focused on disputes that are headed for litigation. We don't handle small personal injury claims, fender benders, divorce matters, bankruptcies. We don't handle the drafting of commercial transactional documents, or the drafting of wills or trusts. We stay in our lane.



We are not locked into a specific fee structure. We work with our clients to find affordable solutions. We often work with clients to find the right blend between reducing our hourly fees and taking a percentage of a recovery at the conclusion of the matter to reduce the financial burden on our clients. Where appropriate, we work on a contingent fee basis or on a flat fee. We work together with our clients to find a fee structure that is fair and reasonable.



No two clients are alike and no two cases have the same needs. If the situation calls for greater support than we can offer with our own team, we go out and get it. We often collaborate with other law firms to bring in attorneys with a niche practice area, or simply to provide greater depth. We listen to the needs of our clients and do what we can to not only meet those expectations, but exceed them.